• Одежда сцены
     Очень важно купить занавес, которые сформирует положительное отношение зрителя к происходящему на сцене, создаст подходящее настроение и будет служить визитной карточкой театра. http://arlekina.net/?p=623
  • Видеопоказ
     Прежде чем вы примете решение о необходимости купить мультимедийный проектор, стоит проконсультироваться с профессионалами, т.к. определенные технические моменты может знать только специалист. В нашей компании вы можете не только купить проекционный экран, но и воспользоваться услугами по монтажу и обслуживанию оборудования. http://arlekina.net/?p=282
  • ArlrkinАрлекин
     С нами вы повысите имидж своей компании и организуете любое мероприятие на самом высоком уровне. http://arlekina.net/?p=303
  • Световое оборудование
     Диодное освещение – это наиболее прогрессивная и инновационная область современных технологий, которое уверенно принимает пальму первенства у традиционных ламп накаливания, люминесцентных и галогенных ламп. http://arlekina.net/?p=82
  • Механика сцены
     Механизмы занавеса и иное механооборудование являются неотъемлемым атрибутом любого зала. Они используются для фиксации осветительных и акустических приборов, декораций, одежды сцены http://arlekina.net/?p=70

The Arlekin company — theatrical equipment for the stage of any level. Russia, the CIS countries, and the whole world




Just imagine: spectators have come to the theatre in expectation of eye-catching performance. And suddenly instead of theatre seats they see wooden stools, the teaser is hung crookedly, and every other spotlight is not working. And when the performance starts it becomes evident that the curtain doesn’t rise, the podium rattles, and the sound is terrible — one moment it appears, and the other moment it disappears.

You must admit that such a situation will mar the effect of any performance. And no matter how hard the performers strive to do their best, the audience will hardly be pleased with such performance.

The Arlekin company delivers theatrical stage equipment for theatres and venues of other kind — from budget to upmarket choice. Arlekin — we know how to make your vision of a stage come true.

We know: everything should be done differently

Theatre is something bright, eye-catching and unforgettable. The truth is, it is quite easy to achieve such an effect: it should suffice to order high quality stage equipment – only then the spectator will have real delight both in the performance and in the mise-en-scène.

When purchasing theatrical stage equipment you can’t always be sure that your choice is the right one. Will stage mechanics work without fail? Is there a risk for the lighting equipment to break down? Who will assemble the stage dressing, and will the audience like the selected scenic design?

Arlekin is the team of experts who know how to dispel all doubts of dispelling all doubts. without exaggerated promises we will transform your concert hall, culture center or club — and we guarantee absolute quality of our products. Our clients can benefit from competent selection and full-scale maintenance of theatrical stage equipment, which will be installed correctly by our specialists to serve you for a long time.

Don’t forget: general impression is always a combination of a thousand details — and only experts can put them together to work in harmony. Don’t experiment! Leave the theatrical stage equipment in the trust of our experts — you will certainly be pleased with your choice.

Why it is us who you should contact

  • Expertise. Arlekin deals only with stage equipment — and nothing else. We don’t try to embrace the boundless — instead we focus on a specific task into the heart of the matter. It is the only way to achieve professional excellence and to learn all the twists and turns of your profession.
  • Free assistance in elaboration of technical specifications. It is hard for someone to do something for the first time, especially if he hardly ever needs it. It is our pleasure to help you draw up an expert technical specification.
  • Official suppliers. We work with certified companies who supply us with high-end professional equipment from official suppliers. It means that any product of ours – be it stage dressing, video projector or border lights – will conform to the highest standards and meet all your requirements.
  • Installation and assembly. Not only do we supply the products, but we also carry out installation and overall assembly of theatrical stage equipment. There is no need for you to wait for the experts of unaffiliated companies and take your time to
    explain to them what needs to be arranged and how to arrange it. We will deliver your order on time and install it in a professional manner according to the pre-agreed plan.
  • Maintenance. We are confident of high quality of our products and services, and therefore we provide a solid guarantee for all theatrical equipment; moreover, we provide after-sales and post-warranty maintenance at a high professional level.
  • Service. You will definitely like working with us. We regard client’s interests as of paramount importance and fulfill tasks of any complexity. Our specialists are highly experienced in dealing with stage equipment — they combine a advanced training and a creative approach to the matter. Our experts are attentive to your wishes - they  assemble audio equipment and carry out other installation works only after full coordination of all nuances. If in the course of work there is a need to make corrections or carry out any modifications, our team  will meet you halfway without any objections — business ethics and reputation is indeed of top priority for us.
  • Affordable prices. We have all you need: from top masking borders to dance equipment or podiums. Moreover, we offer products in different price brackets — from budget to upmarket choices. We assure you: whatever you need, the Arlekin company will help you find, purchase and install it.
  • Discounts. Our clients become confident of reliability and quality of theatrical equipment and join the ranks of the loyal clientele of ours. We offer you to join those who regularly use  our products and services, and you will receive a bonus in the form of a discount for regular clients.

The Arlekin company offers the best professional stage equipment. Only with our help you will effortlessly arrive at the real result: ideally arranged performance space, lighting, sound, and mechanics – anything to please any spectator and ensure skyrocketing popularity of your company.

Don’t waste your time – contact us! We look forward to meeting you!



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